ACE News July 2007

From the Ace Newsletter Archives: July 2007

The ACE Lives!

Sorry for the long gap between newsletters. The winter has been spent creating required tooling, lining up a number of important suppliers and producing the first run of 6 production chassis & suspension pieces. In a few weeks, we will make the first rolling chassis available for sale and begin to finish them out to buyers requirements and tastes.

Many more exciting miles have been logged in the prototype ACE through the winter, reinforcing my belief that this vehicle offers a unique & thrilling driving experience. You may be forgiven for thinking that I’m biased or deluded, but I do have confirmation from others who have sampled the ACE: early last Sunday a.m. a sports car enthusiast (and ex Morgan 4 wheeler owner) named Gary met me for a ride over one of my favorite squiggly roads – then took the wheel briefly. The conclusion? a huge smile & a firm order. Gary admits to owning “a few sports cars” which include: two Porche’s, two Ferrari’s, and a Lamborghini!

For the technically inclined, I want to mention some of the ‘upgrades’ incorporated into the production ACE’s:

1. All chassis & suspension tubes CNC laser cut & coped to assure consistency, TIG welded by hand of course.
2. Switch from Honda GL1500 rear swing arm/final drive to GL1800 single sided aluminum swing arm & final drive.
3. Chrome plated, teflon lined ball joints & tie rod ends.
4. Inclusion of 10 gallon fitted aluminum fuel tank with potential for fuel bladder.
5. Switch to Tilton pedal cluster & master cylinders.
6. Switch from 5.5” clutch with racing plate to 7.25” clutch with street driven plate, improved release ratio, larger hydraulic release bearing & revised bell housing.
7. Laser cut, engine turned stainless steel dash.
8. Custom instruments including ACE logo by Classic Instruments.
9. Leather or rubber covered aluminum steering wheel produced exclusively for the ACE.
10. Inclusion of 820 CCA Optima battery located behind driver to enhance electrical performance & weight distribution.
11. Hinged rear deck with gas lift.
12. Stowage in tail.
13. Wiring harness by Centech with Weatherpack plugs & automotive fuses.

As I write this, I also anticipate a release soon of the 96” & 110” versions of HD Twin Cam which we will offer in the ACE. If you are not among the first six buyers – don’t despair as we plan to build much larger productions of rollers on a regular basis.

Thanks for your many favorable comments – the only sweeter sound comes from the ACE ripping along a country road at 3500 rpm!

Respectfully submitted,

Pete Larsen

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