ACE News February 2009

From the Ace Newsletter Archives: February 2009

The ACE lives!

This newsletter marks the much anticipated publication of Andy English’s review of the ACE in the London Telegraph. Previously I wrote of Andy’s visit here and the fun we had with two ACE’s and two TriKing’s. Here is Andy’s report.

It is gratifying to have someone of Andy’s standing in motor-journalism who really grasps what this genre of vehicle is all about. My only regret is not having a dry road available that day for Andy to press the ACE to a higher level of cornering. I myself dream of Pacific Coast Highway 1 in summer or perhaps a snaky back road in the Sierras ……. come again Andy!

I would also like to report briefly that suddenly, bang, bang, the remaining two (of seven) ACE’s have found buyers. One will go to Saudi Arabia and one will remain in the Pacific Northwest. I am pushing ahead with a (second) production of six ACE’s. It’s great to know that even in this economy, some folks still have their priorities straight …..!

Respectfully submitted,

Pete Larsen