ACE News April 2010

From the Ace Newsletter Archives: April 2010

The ACE Lives!

Perhaps this missive should be termed an annual report rather than a newsletter! Since my last writing, we have dug in and completed a total of seven ACE’s as well as producing another batch of six ACE chassis and component sets: two of these are now spoken for as well.

During the summer and fall we briefly emerged from our burrow to show ACE’s at the following venues:

Northwest Historic Races (Kent Pacific Raceways)
All British Field meet (Bellevue, WA)
Seattle International Cycle Show (Seattle, WA)

Among the newly completed is a beautiful Ivory and Maroon car with tan leather interior and 103” SE engine which was sent to Saudi Arabia, an Ivory and Green car went to a bloke in England and perhaps my favorite to date: a British Racing Green ACE ‘racer’ with an Espresso leather interior and Jim’s 120” engine which went to Luxembourg. The Luxembourg car seemed to need lots of run-in miles so I drove it over 1200 miles before crating -absolutely anything for
the customer!

The future looks good for the ACE as we continue to receive inquiries from all over the globe: I was gratified to receive a new order from Norway recently. The newest production of ACE’s are set up to receive the TC96B or TC110BSE engine and I just can’t wait to ‘run-in’ a few of these!

For now, back to the burrow.

Respectfully submitted,

Pete Larsen